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Trust in the Universe~

<3 <3 <3

When you ask the Universe for something, it will respond in one of three ways:

1) Yes.
2) Not yet.
3) I have something better for you...

What keeps you going?

I look at trees; I see how gnarled the branches are, and how playfully the breeze dances with leaves. I look at grass; I see light shimmering between the blades. And the sky full of stars, eternally expansive, commanding respect by forcing me to bow my head in its moody moments of wind and rain.

Gazing at these natural wonders, I become aware of how much I appreciate and depend on them. I allow awe to wash over me until my breathing changes. It's quite inspiring.

I also remind myself that all things are temporary.


Quarter of a century, female, a spiritual being named Kalika. I know not what I've been taught - only what I've learned.

I choose to surround myself with Love, since I found holding onto anger to be self defeating. I've also evolved from the "goth" scene to become some kind of candy raver hippy, thanks in part to grimy filthy dirty dubstep...


Video games: all-time favourites being the Legacy of Kain and Silent Hill series. If you like "Elle o'Kay", I probably really like you. <3
What else... celebrating Life daily, dancing hard, wub wub wub grimy dubstep, naturegazing, walking on water, cuddle puddles, dreaming, reading, writing, visiting cemeteries and beaches, poking smot, taking my clothes off at the nude beach so I can feel the breeze on all my skin, that after-work beer or two... pleasures of the flesh, expansions of the mind, carvings of the spirit, exchanges of energy!

This is wicked trippy~

Here is the best clip from the movie "The Adventures of Mark Twain" (1985).

Beautiful people~

spirit kalika enjoys tea and doobies with 8 souls.

Bite me~

As above, so below.

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    Wow, Kalika. That's an old name from the Realm. o.O
  3. 12/06/09

    Kalika! You're still out there in cyberspace I see. How's things?
  4. 05/04/09

    Well, I guess our grace period on spam is over. Thanks for the assist! (No, I won't be PMing you everytime you remove spam or moderate. ;P)


    Reply from spirit kalika:

    Thank yourself for allowing you to have some overdue assistance. };P
  5. 03/02/09

    Thanks, Kalika. image

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